Our workshop starts its activities' in 1998 in Castelfidardo in the province of Ancona in Italy, such as repair and restore vintage pickups.
By the time we have gained knowledge about materials and construction techniques, combined with our passion led us to the production of a whole collection of pickups.
In 2000, we discontinued production for health reasons.
In September 2012, we enthusiastically taken up the productive activity, unfortunately our old mark was registered without our knowledge by others.
We did not lose heart and we recorded a new brand.

We promised to produce very high quality pickups', exploiting the string instruments (all parts are built and designed by us).

We got crystal clear sound even in distortion, attack and sustain skills sharp, rich harmonics and reduce hum, our pickups faithfully reproduce the characteristics of the wood and the work of professional luthiers.

The 'object' of the musicians ofrire a true professional product without compromise, we use the best materials (although expensive) to give to those who want to go out shopping dal'etica a high quality product.
Our production 'is reserved only and EXCLUSIVELY to the best liuterie and manufacturers of guitars, we guarantee the best use of our product.

All of our pickups have a warranty of 2 years. 

Vignoni Handmade Pickups via Enzo Ferrari, 8/A - 60022 Castelfidardo (AN) - ITALIA
P.IVA 02512190428